Work & Communications Working Group

Members: Paul Vernon, Yvette Lydon, Matt Harlow, Rod Bailes-Brown, Doreen Towne

Questionnaire responses summary


  • 47% of respondents work from home, always or occasionally
  • The lack of a good public transport service is a significant problem to a number of respondents particularly the teenagers Going out in the evening & at the weekend and shopping are the most significant issues
  • There is some interest in a car sharing scheme
  • The preferred solution by many is a link bus to Hatton to connect with good public bus and train services


  • A “welcome pack” for newcomers & particularly a reference list of facilities, amenities, trusted traders, etc. is deemed desirable
  • The 3 most prevalent mobile network providers are: O2, Vodaphone & EE, followed by “other”
  • 72% of respondents declared that they are “unhappy” or “very unhappy” with the mobile phone reception at home
  • Only 8% state that they have a full mobile signal
  • At the time of the questionnaire, 54% had fibre optic (fast) broadband, 39% standard broadband
  • 58% of respondents said that they are “happy” or “very happy” with their broadband speed 21% said that they are “very unhappy”

Village Broadband

The Working Group have produced a short report on the broadband system in the village which is available here. This shows that some villagers are overpaying for broadband by up to 50%.

Mobile Phone Signal Issues

The Working Group have produced a report on the mobile phone signal issues in the area and the mitigating technologies that are currently available to improve the problem. Click here to view the Mobile Phone Signal Issues report.

Click Here to see Action Plan for Work & Communications