Village Shop Working Group


Chair: VACANT (Seeking Replacement)

Committee Members:
Dawn Hardy (Purchasing)
Adele Meyer (Retail Adviser)
Caroline Prince (Treasurer; Credit Controller)
Helen Smith (Secretary; Stock Controller)
John Weil (Community Hall Liaison)

Co-ordinator Volunteers: Jane Spalton (Shop Volunteer Pool & Rota)

Associate Volunteers: Judy Day, Roger Dutton, Christine Emery, Kate Gadsby, Maria Hartas, Diane Jeffery, Pat Johnson, Yvette Lydon, Sherri Merritt, Christine Prince, Rita Shanks, Sue Smith

For general enquiries about the shop, please contact Helen Smith (tel. 01283 585909; )


MONDAY to FRIDAY: 9am-10am and 3pm-4pm
SATURDAY: 10am-4pm
SUNDAY: Closed
(Last revised 08/11/2021)


All change! As of April 1st 2023, the current Chair of the Village Shop Working Group – James Lydon – will be stepping down from active duty. The VSWG is still looking for a replacement* to help conduct the monthly meetings of the group – “have gavel, will travel” – and otherwise steer the project through its next phase. No previous experience necessary and you would be ably assisted by the now experienced remaining members of the group, plus the latest and very welcome addition of Adele Meyer as the group’s retail evangelist.

Alongside this change in Chair, the various day-to-day operational tasks he was undertaking will be segmented and dispersed amongst other group members and the wider volunteer pool; the main changes involve Dawn Hardy taking on wider responsibility for the purchasing side and Helen Smith keeping tabs on the stock control.

*Please contact the Secretary Helen Smith (tel. 585909; email link) for more information.

(30 March 2023)


Here is our latest Price List update:

(04 February 2022)

Our opening hours have changed, starting Monday 8th November 2021:

MONDAY to FRIDAY: 9am-10am and 3pm-4pm
SATURDAY: 10am-4pm
SUNDAY: Closed

The shop is open on twice as many days as before and this is only possible due to the continued commitment of our volunteers (see the top of the page). We are trialing the morning hours for a few weeks so please continue to support this community venture, and those volunteers, when you can.

These changes follow the responses to the Village Shop section of the Community Led Plan questionnaire and we hope that a new pattern of opening times will make the shop more convenient for more people and attractive in new ways. We are waiting for news of when and how the Hub Café can return, and only when it is safe to do so, on Saturday mornings.

(07 November 2021)

Here’s our latest price list, available to download.

While we wait for an update on the status of the chapel, we continue to make plans for the running of the shop, in its current “temporary” form and for the future. The first big thing we need to do is to recruit more volunteers to help us out for 1 or 2 hours a week (or more, if you would like!), so we can open the shop for more sessions during the week.

(28 July 2021)

Here’s our latest price list, available to download.

We’re waiting for news about the success of the Parish Council’s various funding applications and approach to the Methodist Church organisation regarding the purchase of the Chapel and Schoolroom building. Once this (not insignificant!) hurdle has been cleared we will be able to start telling you about all of the plans we have been working on to develop the Community Shop project in the building, how the volunteering will work and – in response to customer demand – the return of the Hub Café that was proving so popular pre-pandemic. Watch this space!

(22 June 2021)

We have had a move-around of the furniture in the Schoolroom to open up the space and let customers browse all of the hundreds of product lines the Hub regularly carries.

We have also made it easier to download and print out each update of our Price List (see Download button below) which could be particularly helpful for passing on to the members of the community who are not online as often, or at all.

On a different note, the Village Shop Working Group has received our section of the responses to the Community Led Plan Questionnaire and will be looking – with great interest – at what you all had to say!

(08 May 2021)

The Broughton Hub is now open! 

In the Chapel Schoolroom on Chapel Lane

OPENING TIMES (from 02/01/2021)

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 2pm – 4pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 2pm – 4pm

Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Sunday: CLOSED

The current version of the Broughton Hub is a COVID-secure convenience store, staffed by volunteers from the community, providing household essentials, regular orders of bread, milk, eggs and veggies, and a wide range of other store cupboard goods. We also maintain an eco-product station, including refills on a variety of items. This community resource should allow villagers to acquire a lot of what they need on a daily basis without having to leave the bounds of the village, while also supporting a number of local suppliers.

Our current stock list is available at Broughton Hub Online

We also have a Facebook page which is updated frequently with news about new product lines, restocking of popular items and so on. 

Once the COVID-19 pandemic eases we hope to re-introduce the popular Hub Café on Saturday mornings.

The Village Shop Working Group works in conjunction with the Health & Well-being Group to provide volunteer shopping and delivery services to anybody in the Church Broughton community who is isolated or shielding (particularly during the pandemic). 

(January 2021)

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