Platinum Jubilee

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022: Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June


Whether you are royalist or not, we hope you will join in with any or all of these activities which we are planning for the enjoyment of all Church Broughton residents. Most will happen over the weekend of Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June but some early preparations are starting now and some items we hope will last much longer.

  • Garden Displays – in red, white and blue would be excellent but colour
    everywhere would be very cheering.
  • Door Decorations – like Christmas wreaths but red, white and blue. Crafting
    sessions, led by Jane Spalton, in April. Look out for posters, emails and
    WhatsApp about these; there are some examples on display at the Broughton Hub shop.
  • Quilt Hanging – 20 crafters/sewers will decorate a square each which will be
    sewn together to make a quilt to be displayed on a custom-built stand.
  • Art Exhibition – a display of arts and crafts by villagers. Not a competition – just
    a celebration of the talents of our friends and neighbours. In the Church from
    Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th June.
  • Listening Box – Doreen Towne will collect written reminiscences from anyone old
    enough to remember the Queen’s coronation. Let’s get a glimpse of the world 70
    years ago – from people you know who now live in our community. To be
    displayed with the Art Exhibition.
  • Crowns – we’d like everyone attending the Big Lunch to feel regal for the day by
    wearing a crown – real, cardboard, knitted, whatever! Jane Spalton will include
    making them in her sessions.
  • “The Big Lunch” – on Sunday 5 th June from 12 noon. We’ll erect the big gazebos
    on the Park with tables and chairs; everyone bring food and drinks; live music –
    Derby Orchestral Society from 12 noon and Newmount Brass band from 2pm. A
    traditional get-together for the whole community! More details later.
  • FINALLY… We’d like to install something long-lasting in the village, like the Park gates which celebrate the millennium. We’ve had no affordable ideas so welcome your suggestions. Contact Yvette (01283 585481;