VH&PFC – “Church Broughton Memories: Lockdown Photos and Recipes”

In early 2021, the Village Hall & Playing Fields Charity committee put out the call to the community asking for photographs, recipes and other recollections from the previous year of coronavirus lockdown. An existing Facebook group, set up by Rachel Dixon and called “Church Broughton Community Memories”, was already accumulating lots of fantastic pictures and posts from the period and was the inspiration for the development of this combined cookbook and photo collection.

The “Church Broughton Memories: Lockdown Photos and Recipes” book is almost ready for printing and the VH&PFC committee are pleased to present here a preview. We would be very grateful if you could give us an indication of whether you would like to buy a copy of this memento of Broughton life through the pandemic (or more than one, to make a gift); the book will be around 120 pages long and cost £10 each.

Please let the committee know via cbvhandpfc@churchbroughton.com or call Yvette Lydon on 585481 so we can make an estimate of how many copies to have printed.

We hope that this preview gives you a flavour of the quality of the book, the rich content found in the recipes and photographs and a demonstration of the community spirit we enjoy in the village.

– VH&PFC Committee, April 2021