Church Broughton Community Plan

The Church Broughton Community Plan has now been published.

Click here to see the Community Plan

The Planning Group Committee would like to thank everyone involved in helping to produce the Community Plan and all the volunteers in the Working Groups who are now looking at the issues raised and taking action to try to make our Community a better place.

February 2017 Update

The consultation with local residents was completed last year and a summary of the responses to the 2016 Community Plan Questionnaire is available to view/download as a PDF file, here.

8 Working Groups have been set up to review and investigate the 9 key topics covering the issues and suggestions raised by members of the Community. The Working Groups have now prepared Action Plans setting out what they plan to do and activities are well under way. Please click on the links below for details of each Working Group and their activities:

No Working Group has been set up for the “Other” issues (looking at joint purchasing of heating oil and firewood, a community energy project and a home delivery drop -off point). If you are interested in volunteering to investigate any of these issues, please contact a member of the Planning Group. If you are interested in joining the Planning Group or any of the Working Groups, please contact any of the following Planning Group members for more information.

Chairman: John Weil (585342)
Secretary: Julia Williams (585477)
Treasurer: Ed Crisp (585377)
Publicity Co-ordinators: Yvette Lydon (585481), Paul Vernon (585026)
Volunteer Co-ordinators: Nick Broad (585758), Jannine Clarke (585345), Rod Bailes-Brown (585628)
Parish Council Contact: Andy Tylee
Church Broughton C of E Primary School Liaison: Helena Steeples
South Derbyshire District Council Contact: Ian Hey
Rural Action Derbyshire Adviser: Helena Stubbs